A collection of Benjamin Fry’s writings, illustrations, audio and video.  These are areas covered in his book, The Invisible Lion, but are totally free and accessible to you here.  Resources to guide you through life.

11 Why a well-regulated nervous system can’t be an addict

Blog/Video #11 We don’t think too much of how our behaviour fits into healthcare, and yet there is an industry called ‘behavioural healthcare’. This usually refers to addictions and the work done to help people …

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10 What does ‘mental’ health mean?

Blog/Video #10 When did health get mental? About a hundred years ago, Sigmund Freud, a doctor in Vienna, first suggested that the physical problems of his patients might have something to do with their emotions …

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9 Can physical health problems be explained by the nervous system?

Blog / Video #9 Since the dawn of time there have been health problems. In ancient cultures these were understood very differently. We are very focused these days on the idea that if we are …

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8 What is PTSD? And could you have it?

Blog / Video #8 This is a really personal topic. PTSD nearly killed me. And I’ve never been to war, or anything like it. At first, when it was suggested to me that this was …

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7 Does CBT work? Why we become our own Lion and how to fix it?

Blog / Video #7 Humans have an ability that other animals do not, which is to think, mull over things and come to conclusions. Gazelles, for example, are threatened by predators, but never by their …

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6 Why do we disagree so much about what is real?

Blog / Video #6 One of the strange things about being human is that we often find ourselves disagreeing with others about something as simple as what is really going on. This seems a little …

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