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One Singular Passion


The Invisible Lion

The Invisible Lion is the culmination of Benjamin's personal journey and clinical work. It sets out in ordinary language how the nervous system and the problems we have with it affect our mental and physical health, our reality, our relationships, our personalities and our planet. It is a hopeful treatise for recovery of them all.


Khiron Clinics

Benjamin founded Khiron House in 2011 to create a residential treatment center for treating mental and behavioural disorders using modern nervous-system referencing methods. The Khiron Clinic opened in October 2018 to provide a higher level of care for the same treatments. Khiron House has an outpatient clinic in Harley Street.



Benjamin founded NeuralSolution to bring nervous-system intelligence technology developed by Dr Stephen Porges into public awareness and use. The company helps its partners in security, market research and healthcare to better serve the needs of their clients. Its goal is to improve nervous system regulation worldwide.


"To be human, we have to feel safe."

Dr Stephen Porges



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