A collection of Benjamin Fry’s writings, illustrations, audio and video.  These are areas covered in his book, The Invisible Lion, but are totally free and accessible to you here.  Resources to guide you through life.

5 Why does it all go wrong just when it all goes so right?

Blog / Video #5 It’s an odd thing. We don’t often get what we really, really want in life, but when we do, it is amazing how quickly we can ruin it. For example, we …

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4 Why the Body can’t “Just Get Over It”

Blog / Video #4 One of the great amusements about psychotherapy in popular culture is that it is all about your mother, or childhood, or past and so on. Often people are told to “just …

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3 Why Social Anxiety is not a contradiction

Blog / Video #3 For many people the idea of socialising is fun. So how does it become something which is anxious for many others? Lots of us find this very upsetting, and confusing. We …

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2 You didn’t evolve to be happy – how to hack evolution to find your bliss

Blog / Video #2 We can have the right reactions to things, but often at the wrong time. Sometimes we call this anxiety or depression, or a host of other names depending on how it …

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1 What If poor mental health is about doing the right thing at the wrong time?

Blog / Video #1 Consider the following story: “Imagine you are walking along, minding your own business, when across the road you see a man running. He’s waving his arms wildly, screaming, turning this way …

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