Combining Benjamin’s expertise as a psychologist, educator, and as an individual who has healed from trauma, these events are for both the public and professionals who wish to develop within the field of trauma recovery
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The Body Keeps the Score – How To Heal Trauma: Dr Bessel van der Kolk in conversation with Benjamin Fry

Traumatic experiences leave their imprint on the body as well as the mind.

In this livestream event held in collaboration with MindHealth360, Dr Bessel van der Kolk and Benjamin Fry will explore a powerful new paradigm for healing.

The effects of trauma can be devastating for sufferers and their families – from the experience of incomprehensible anxiety and numbing rage to difficulty forming trusting relationships, concentrating and feeling at home in one’s own body. Having lost the sense of control of themselves and frustrated by failed therapies, sufferers often fear that they are damaged beyond repair.

But the helplessness and invisibility associated with trauma need not be inevitable. Drawn from more than thirty years at the forefront of research and clinical practice, Dr Bessel van der Kolk’s global bestseller The Body Keeps The Score showed us that the terror and isolation at the core of trauma literally reshape both brain and body – and demonstrated a new approach to recovery, moving away from standard talking and drug therapies to heal mind, brain and body.

Now Dr van der Kolk joins us in conversation with psychotherapist and author of The Invisible Lion, Benjamin Fry, to explore his bold new paradigm for treatment. Fusing insights from the cutting-edge of neuroscience with the weight of decades of experience as an active therapist, Dr van der Kolk will reveal the power of our relationships – whether in the intimacy of the home or in our wider communities – to both hurt and heal.

Join us to discover how both adults and children can reclaim ownership of their bodies and their lives.

This livestream is held in collaboration with MindHealth360

MindHealth360 is a free guide to head-to-toe mental health. Their aim is to empower patients, their friends, families and health practitioners, with the awareness, knowledge and resources to heal. They believe that integrative and functional medicine provide the most sustainable solutions to common mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, poor memory and attention. This is because we know that for long term healing to take place, all the factors which impact our mental health must be taken into account, and are inseparable: lifestyle factors, psycho-spiritual factors, and biochemical factors all overlap and impact each other to contribute to our particular mental health issues.

Praise for Dr Bessel van der Kolk:

‘Dr. van der Kolk’s masterpiece combines the boundless curiosity of the scientist, the erudition of the scholar, and the passion of the truth teller.’ Judith Herman, author of Trauma and Recovery

‘Van der Kolk draws on thirty years of experience to argue powerfully that trauma is one of the West’s most urgent public health issues … Packed with science and human stories.’ New Scientist

‘Breathtaking in its scope and breadth, a seminal work by one of the preeminent pioneers in trauma research and treatment.’ Peter A. Levine, author of In An Unspoken Voice


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