A collection of Benjamin Fry’s writings, illustrations, audio and video.  These are areas covered in his book, The Invisible Lion, but are totally free and accessible to you here.  Resources to guide you through life.

17 Explosive volatile relationships

In general, individuals who have not finished responding (see unfinished business) to an earlier threat in life are left with baggage in their nervous system. This either speeds them up or slows them down, leading …

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16 Relationships and how to work them

Blog #16 A nervous system that is dysregulated will cause enough trouble on its own. However, when you bring two dysregulated nervous systems together, you get more than double trouble. This is commonly known as …

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15 Holding Space

Blog/Video #15 Something magical happens to our nervous sytem’s regulation when we clean up our behaviour. To see why we can look at the two poles of behavioural health, which I sometimes call boundaries and …

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14 What to do when boundaries are not enough

Blog/Video #14 When our nervous systems are dysregulated, we can be very reactive. It is very helpful for our nervous systems if we can identify the triggers which we react to, and even to work …

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13 Boundaries aren’t something that you get others to do for you

Blog/Video #13 When we look at how well our nervous systems are functioning, we start to see that there are three kinds of responses to the stuff that life throws at us. If we are …

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12 Why losing it can be progress

Blog/Video #12 When we get triggered it is very uncomfortable. Our bodies want to release the unfinished business from our most extreme reactions to our most overwhelming threats in the past. The reason they are …

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