A collection of Benjamin Fry’s writings, illustrations, audio and video.  These are areas covered in his book, The Invisible Lion, but are totally free and accessible to you here.  Resources to guide you through life.

35. The Importance of Reframing our Experiences

In freeing ourselves from a dysregulated nervous system, an important step is learning how to reframe our experiences. We need to do this so that we are no longer subject to learned ways of behaviour …

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34. A Regulated Nervous System

The dawn of self-awareness created a dysregulated nervous system in humans. All of our problems followed, like a chain of cascading dominoes. We have seen the effects it has on our health, our behaviour, our …

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33. Our Dysregulated World

If you took a perfect world and then changed one species so that it became self-aware, like the computers did in The Matrix or in The Terminator, what would happen next? The following is likely. …

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32. Our Parts: Personality and Character

You may have heard of dissociation. It describes how we feel when we are not quite all there. You might have experienced it while driving somewhere, then on reflection not really remembering anything much of …

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31. Our Parts: The Different Brains and their Functions Pt. 2

As we develop from children to teenagers to adults, we carry each stage with us into the next. We all have a child, teenager, and adult within us, influencing our behaviour. The child is the …

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30. Our Parts: The Different Brains and their Functions Pt. 1

Our brain is not just one thing at all. Our brain is made up of many different parts; the most obvious different parts being the reptile brain, the mammal brain and the newly-developed human brain. …

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