• Benjamin Fry

Mental Health Does Not Exist

Continuing on from Meet The Lion, this raises the idea that much of what we think of as mental health does not actually exist. We are in fact performing normally but for the wrong situation. This is very different to the traditional idea of a health problem.

If I have a temperature, it is because something is wrong with my body. The temperature is the body's way of getting rid of something which should not be there. It is a real thing, like a virus or an infection. You could look at it under a microscope.

But if I have anxiety, actually my body is performing perfectly. It is just doing it at the wrong time. No-one would go to the doctor with anxiety if they were running away from a lion. So the problem is not the symptom, or the body, or this other thing which we have invented called "mental health"; it is that we can not see the lion.

So what if, instead of chasing symptoms which aren't the problem in a thing called a mind which does not physically exist, we start to look at why the body is seeing an invisible lion. Once we solve that problem then the body will start to respond normally to the events in the present day and all these ideas about mental health will go away.

Can you do that with drugs? With thinking? With talking? Well, no not really. You have to engage wtih the somatic, so anything that gets you out of your head and into your body is a step forward. And, oh look, mindfulness is the most widely adopted new mental health treatment available.

That's great, but even better is to understand why.


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